Syntropic – Certified Organic Avocados. 

Grown within a food forest located on the Atherton Tablelands in Tropical Far North Queensland. We strategically partner with independent fruit and veg retailers to deliver nutrient dense and delicious produce to you.

For those who cannot access a local retailer you can still purchase online for direct delivery.

2022 Season is now closed.

The season has now finished and we want to thank you to our loyal customers and look forward to the 2023 Season. You can still sponsor a eucalypt for $2.

We are now Certified Organic!

This certification recognises that our soils have been thoroughly tested and we’re chemical free after managing the farm without chemicals . Mark and his family, and let’s not forget their crew, are so very proud to see the culmination of their efforts with the orchards acknowledged.…And we are now able to present our Certified Organic fruit to you. 

Buy Produce Online?   

To ensure our avocados are available to everyone, you can also Buy produce from us online – when we get the order we pick the fruit direct from the tree for YOU!

We send the avocados in Express Post.  You will get to you in days, this means your avos are still ripening, as avocados ripen after picking.

When you receive the order, put all the avocados in the crisper, minus a few on the bench near a ripe banana. The avocados will be ready to eat in a week. Once you eat one get another from the fridge.

The crisper avocados will last a couple of weeks. Giving you enough time to eat them all. True farm to plate! Best of all these avocados are herbicide free and soooo creamy and yummy.

What are you waiting for??? Make sure you have an Avo! and don’t settle for anything but the best!


We are a family owned farm, now in its third generation. Our Produce is grown with a long term view of sustainable and regenerative farming. 

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