I know it sounds strange. .. but avocados ripen once picked from the tree. We pick your avocados each Monday from our trees and send direct to you via Australia post. We are dispatching weekly on a Monday so hopefully your order should arrive before the weekend if everything is going to plan. Once you receive your fruit, leave a couple out to ripen and place the ones you won’t use in the immediate days following, into the crisper and then take out an avocado a few days before you use it and sit it near some bananas; with some planning you can basically have a fresh avocado everyday. Generally the fruit will happily hibernate in the crisper for up to 7 or 8 weeks without harm. We believe we have a perfect solution to avoid the dreadful alternative of expensive, tasteless avocados at premium pricing!

Avocados have been called a super food because they are packed with many nutrients, including 20 different vitamins and minerals. Our avocados come from well established trees grown on an syntropic farm, using commercial scale companion planting where each plant is contributing to pest reduction and maximum soil health. This  makes for very healthy fruit that has been nurtured naturally without chemical inputs.

Each avocado has been carefully picked & packed to reach you in peak nutritional condition. Feedback from customers tells us that our avocados are a superior quality to the majority of commercially available avocados. They are bigger, fleshier and richer tasting. They are picked and sent direct to you the same day, streamlining the whole  Farm to plate process – nothing better!

Syntropic Farming is about using bio-diverse eco-systems instead of chemicals and pesticides to create abundant food crops. Using a variety of plants in strategics positions we recreate the forest canopy to mimic a forest’s interdependent plant relationship. This helps plants to grow better by returning nutrients to the soil that modern farming techniques has striped away.  By learning from nature, we can translate those natural processes and apply them to the way we produce food. This results in abundant systems which grow healthy soils, sequester carbon, produce a diverse array of yields, regenerate the ecosystem and that don’t require long term external inputs. Syntropic Farming is a holistic approach, working with nature’s processes and the dynamics of ecosystem. For you it means healthier fruit, without the hefty price tag of organic fruit. If you would like to know more about our journey into syntropic farming you can read about it in our blog.

We can send fruit to Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria and The Australian Capital Territory. Unfortunately we can not send fruit to Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania due to Quarantine restrictions.

Avocados are happy to stay in hibernation for up to 6 or 7 weeks if you keep them somewhere cool and dark…The fridge crisper is ideal! We essentially pack your order straight off the tree, so they have maximum time to ripen for you.

When your order arrives, only leave a couple out to ripen and put the rest into your crisper for storage. Then as you eat a ripe one, simply replace it with one from the fridge, so that you will always have one ready to eat….and of course give you plenty of time to munch through the whole order.

We understand that postage is a significant cost and this is why we have chosen 3kg and 4.7kg packages to provide you the best value and keep the cost of each avocado as low as possible. 

Don’t take our word for it, look at our customer reviews. If you really are not sure you can share with friends and family. They will love you for it! 🥑🥰

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